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Abokado – Feel Great Food

Specialist business music provider Perfect Octave provides fast-fresh-food outlet Abokado with new royalty free background music for three recently reopened stores.

Abokado, one of London’s leading healthy grab and go food chains, was founded by Mark Lilley and his wife Lindsay in 2004, with the original store in London’s Covent Garden. The recent re-opening of three stores at Broadway (Westminster), Cowcross Street (Farringdon) and Throgmorton Street (City of London) follows more than twelve months of forced closure and brings with it renewed energy from the Abokado team, spruced up interiors, reinvigorated menus and new accompanying music playlist in-store for the benefit of customers and staff. 

A new downloadable Abokado App has also been launched allowing customers to pre-order food en-route whilst travelling into town, earning 10% loyalty rewards too for those that do so.

Mark Lilley, co-founder, Abokado comments, “Whilst the last twelve months cannot be underestimated, in some areas of the business it has brought forward positive developments. We’ve given our stores a facelift, have developed touch-screen ordering embraced third party delivery services and we’ve used the time to review our cost base for a number of services including music”.

“The team at Perfect Octave embraced our request to lower our monthly music subscription charges and met our request for royalty and license free music with enthusiasm”

Mark Lilley, Co-Founder, Abokado

“Since launching with Perfect Octave, feedback from our crew has been positive. They’ve noticed little repetition and volume levels between tracks is very consistent. The service is also 100% reliable. Our music system just needs to be running, like switching on the lights, to enable our managers and teams to focus 100% on delighting our customers with our feel-great-food”, adds Lilley.

“We look forward to partnering with Perfect Octave as we continue to reopen Abokados across London and welcome customers back”, concludes Lilley.

Perfect Octave’s royalty free music service, provided for Abokado, is delivered via installed music players (small, white boxes connected to the internet) in each store. These allow music playlists and schedules to be updated as required by the team at Abokado by the music programming team at Perfect Octave.

“Providing royalty-free playlists requires our music programmers to work a little harder than usual, as they manually extract licensable tracks from each playlist. The benefit for our customers, including Abokado, is they are able to make cost-savings across multiple sites without a loss of music quality”.

Ian Graham, Managing Director, Perfect Octave

“Right now with the uncertainty businesses face reducing costs has to be a good thing if it provides stability longer-term. If we can help them with that we are delighted to”, summarises Graham.


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