Meeting Council Chamber

Digital video can be difficult to get right. When it works it’s great, but when it doesn’t it can cause interruption, impact experience and even cause loss of revenue. 

Maidstone Borough Council found that the video installation in their meeting chamber had issues like this. Four displays around the room, relaying presentation graphics from participants, were intermittently cutting out and losing signal. As meetings are streamed to live audiences this does not give a good impression.

Perfect Octave were called to investigate and eliminated the issues by replacing long runs of sub-standard HDMI cable with a full HD-BaseT distribution and transmission system. The cabling was buried beneath a honeycomb of old timber flooring that had to be delicately lifted and replaced during the installation.

At the same time, we simplified the overly complex video input system by introducing automated switchers and scaling hardware. This allows for a much more user friendly experience for meeting participants and less down-time setting up meetings