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LED Displays


Narrow pixel pitch LED is now able to not only compete with large format display and projection, but in many cases far surpasses it. Boardrooms which have typically relied on front or rear projection to obtain a large scale display have always had to contend with ambient light in the room, failing lamps, noisy fans or unwanted shadows. High definition LED displays eliminate all those issues, whilst allowing even larger, brighter and higher definition displays for the most discerning audience.


Typically, video walls using multiple thin bezel monitors have been used to create large displays in retail and control room installations. These displays still have their application, however they will always suffer with bezels intersecting the image, as well as costly maintenance requirements and always being stuck to ‘normal’ aspect ratios that limit creativity .

Now, using LED displays, it’s possible to create any shape or scale display to best suit your content, no bezels necessary!

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