7 Signs your Background Music Strategy may be Wrong

1: Your in-store music system spends more time ‘not working’ than it does working

For whatever reason you keep meaning to call in the music provider but never get round to it, or you have called them but are waiting for them to arrive and fix it.

This is a clear indicator your current music provider is not looking after you well. They should notice if you are not playing music and if you’ve called them to come and fix it they should respond like they did the first time you met.

2: Your staff do not know how to work the background music system so it spends more time switched off than on

This is a clear sign your music provider needs to train you and your staff (and provide a manual) so that future staff know how to work your music system.

And let’s face it, if it is too complicated, perhaps the technology is dated and needs to be updated.

After all this is 2020 not 1985….

3: Your Playlists are the same ones you had 3 years ago

Okay, this might not actually be the case, but for staff and customers working in your business it can feel like it if your music playlists are not updated regularly. This leads to staff switching off your background music system or switching off themselves, which means they are less motivated.

And if your music system is still blasting out Christmas songs in January, or constantly playing hits from 1985, it may be time to change your music strategy.

4: You are playing local radio (and promoting competitors) to your customers

Local radio is great right….for listening to your favourite track when you’re driving alone in your car.

Playing it in your restaurant, bar or business might prove to be the worst choice for your business.

Local radio is funded by local advertising. We’ve all cursed repeated adverts over and over again, so now your customers are sitting in your restaurant, waiting for their food, listening to an advert for a fast-food restaurant down the road….

5: XXXXXXX Profanity Everywhere

A good music provider will only list tracks in your playlists that have been checked and double-checked for profanity. That means they have been checked for suitability for your business.

If you run a family restaurant and find Madonna or C-Lo Green cussing in the background, whilst parents frantically try to plug their child’s ears, your music strategy may need reconsideration.

6: Staff keep plugging in their own music

This is a clear indication that your staff (and potentially your customers) are not enjoying your background music. It can also indicate your background music is not up to date, which can result in your brand image, not being aligned with your music strategy.

A good music strategy working alongside a good music provider will allow for staff to submit tracks (and playlists) for inclusion in your approved and licenced background music choices.

7: Driving Out Customers, Footfall is Falling

Another clear indication your music strategy may not be aligned with your customer demographic. Just think about if for a moment…..

When a music strategy is right, your staff may not necessarily  tell you, your customers may not either, but it is true to say when your music strategy is bad (or not working), this will be noticed by staff, customers will leave, dwell times will be reduced, footfall and ultimately sales will drop….

When it is so easy to get your music strategy right, why would you elect to get it wrong?

8: Your Music is not Licenced for Public Broadcast

Okay, we realise this is an eighth sign your music strategy is not right, when we initially promised seven, but we like to add value where we can.

If your Music is not licenced for public broadcast, which for any downloaded music includes Spotify®, Apple®, Sonos®, Napster® , Deezer® etc and means having a mechanical licence in addition to a site licence (TheMusicLicence), the fines for your business can be enormous.

Getting fined can be very damaging to your business and is a clear sign your music strategy is wrong so it’s probably best to avoid that.

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