What are the simple steps to playing music legally in my business?

There are three simple steps to getting your playlist legalised for your business. Perfect Octave is a leading provider of premium, licenced music playlists for business.

1.Getting started is pretty easy

Sign up for Perfect Octave’s music for business service and for a single affordable monthly fee, our music for business service provides you with a comprehensive, licenced and legal music library (MSB2B Licenced) and music player, on your preferred platform, for playing music in your business.

Find out more about our music for business services here.

2. Sign up and pay for TheMusicLicence

find out more here: https://pplprs.co.uk/themusiclicence/

3. Send us your Apple Music®, Spotify®, Deezer® or Napster® playlist

We will licence it for you so you can play it legally in your business. This will allow you to add it to your mixes, add to schedules in your music dashboard.*

We will upload your playlist on our music for business service in your dashboard so you can access it.

We ensure the music we supply is always licenced, always legal and the artists, writers, lyricists, publishers and performers always get paid the correct fees giving you peace of mind.

*95-98% of music tracks will load successfully. Tracks containing profanity, not legally licensed music will not upload.

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