Choosing the Best Restaurant Music

Choosing the right music for your coffee house, restaurant or bar can be the difference between hitting the right note and customers staying longer or hitting the wrong note and customers leaving sooner.

It can be a very fine line between success and failure, with most people being perceptive to music in one way or another, most guests will notice if the music is too loud, distracting or does not match the ambiance of your venue.

So why leave it to chance?

Music can be the first sensory indicator of what you can expect from the ambiance and the menu. Imagine walking into an authentic Italian restaurant only to discover loud rock music is blasting from the loudspeakers in every corner.

Whilst this will satisfy a small niche of customers, most will expect classical overtones to match the decor and menu.

Why is it important to get this right?

Music has potential to raise customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the amount of time guests choose to stay and spend money. It also has the ability to add to the ambiance, the overall experience customers enjoy during their visit and even the memorability of your brand.

Creating the best restaurant music playlist

  • Match the music to your brand and your customer demographics
  • Keep your playlist fresh and updated regularly – this will help to keep guests and staff motivated to return
  • Adjust your music to the time of day, switching up energy levels, genres and tempo
  • Choose the right volume levels, if its breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, guests need to be able to hear each other clearly for conversations to work, but as your venue fills up, you may need to increase your volume levels to cater for absorbed sound
  • Uptempo – if you need to turn tables quickly, Slow-tempo if you need guests to linger

Advantages of partnering with a music for business provider

Now if this all sounds like a lot to consider, when really your expertise lies in running a great restaurant, cafe or bar,  you may want to partner up with a music for business provider, like us, that can help you work this all out.

There a lots of advantages to working with a music for business provider including;

  • Music Licencing for Business – most music for business providers pay music licences for the playlists they provide, which means as a business you can be sure the music you play in your restaurant, cafe or bar is legal and suitable for commercial use. Most providers will also help and advise on venue licences required.

Remember, personal Apple Music®, Spotify®, Napster®, Deezer® or other music playlists are not allowed for broadcast or public performance use, unless licenced by a music provider paying the correct licence fees. Businesses using personal playlists are breaking copyright laws and can end up facing huge fines.

  • Curated Playlists – most music for business providers are experts in choosing music and playlists to match your brand and are able to keep it consistent across many locations, if you are a multi-venue operator. They will also ensure the music that is played is suitable for use, without foul language etc…
  • Day Parting – most music for business providers will choose the right music, at the right volume, for the right time of day and often have many years of experience (and researched data) to make the right choices to help boost your sales.

Would you like to find out more?

You can talk to one of our music for hospitality experts here who can advise you on the best restaurant music playlists for you or visit our Music for Hospitality page.

You can also download our free e-book, a guide on music licencing for business here;


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