Playlists: Music for Health and Beauty Spas

When you think of ‘spa music’, you can think of a very generic type of music, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For spa owners, music is key to distinguish one spa experience from another.

To make sure clients have the best possible experience, with a solid music strategy aligned to your brand and an accompanying music for business system, we add major improvements to atmosphere of health and beauty spas with just some simple but effective tweaks in music.

Rather than costly renovations and refits, changing music in your centre is simple and easy. Here are four music categories we think will create emotional connections with your customers and improve how they perceive their spa experience.

World Ambience

World ambiance music helps reach into your mind and transport you to other countries and far away regions. It’s one of the most commonly used types of spa music, which makes it standard, if a little predictable. This music is instrument focused, so listeners find it more peaceful than electronic music which makes it a good match for incenses and exotic environments.

Electronic Ambient

Electronic ambient music creates a modern atmosphere in comparison with more instrumental sounds. This style of music offers minimal distractions from recognisable instruments, which can be useful to help mind flow in mind, body, calm spaces.


Setting classical music in your spa is a risky but sometimes rewarding choice! This genre of music creates upscale, old school atmospheres and it’s always unexpected.  Staying away from big philharmonics and concertos instead choosing smooth doses of piano and string instruments can keep it cool, whilst keeping it relaxing and timeless.

Sounds of Nature

Natural sounds including water, animals (not very noisy ones) and field recordings can add a surprising touch and generally works better in small doses. If you go too far you risk overwhelming customers. Keep it simple! There are very few things more relaxing than contact with nature.

All of these mentioned playlists already exist in our music for business music player and can be accessed very quickly and easily, either locally or remotely via our iOS / Android app.

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