Does it feel like your supplier is too big to care?

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Of course this should never be the case, but is this how it feels sometimes with your current music or AV systems supplier? Does it feel like other customers get looked after first? 

Or do you never get the call back you were promised and the engineer never arrives when agreed, which means your music or video system is off more than it is on?

These could all be indicators your current supplier may be too big to care. It happens, companies grow organically and although they think they have it covered they forget to ensure they are looking after existing customers, because they are often too busy chasing new business, or they have grown to a size and haven’t put in systems or procedures to make sure they are nurturing their existing clients.

Another indicator of a supplier seeming too large to care can be that when you do speak to someone with a query or a technical issue, they never really understand or seem to take the time to fully understand what the problem is. This can happen when customer support and service teams are managed by call centres or by staff without a technical background or good training.

Further indicators you are not being valued…

  • the service you receive and the support you get seem a bit lacklustre and advice is sometimes incorrect and costly.
  • you feel like you have to fight to get the service you are paying for
  • your current supplier does not contact you proactively with service history or stats to measure what’s working for you and what’s not
  • new opportunities and new technology are never introduced to you by your current supplier
  • you always find out from others your system could be improved and be more cost effective or more user friendly or just as important improve your customers’ experiences

If you can answer yes to at any of the above statements then we believe it may be that your current supplier does not value you the way they should.

It was great when we first started with them….

Does this sound familiar? What happened to when good service came first, you felt like you were in partnership and would always be looked after and when things were going wrong you would get the call and be kept fully informed until a situation or crisis was resolved?

We all know things go wrong from time to time, it’s how it is dealt with when it happens that is the most important thing.

This is one of the key reasons we formed Perfect Octave; to return to some common-sense business fundamentals.

Here’s our service pledge to you;

  1. Our customers deserve to get the service they pay for, which means our customers deserve to be treated professionally at all times.
  2. We keep customers informed of how we are doing against agreed KPI’s.
  3. We keep customers informed of improvements in technology, then when it is relevant to them provide guidance and know how to access it.
  4. We give good solid advice based on our market knowledge and experience to help customers control budgets and not be tied to costly outdated technology.
  5. Customer support calls will be handled, in the first instance, by our support teams who all have technical backgrounds and can solve first line enquiries without working to a script.

And the reason is, we care, we want to partner with you, you are important to us, regardless of whether you have one shop, restaurant, cafe or bar or a thousand, we want to grow with our customers and we want our customers to grow.

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