How much is your Jukebox Costing?


Does your Jukebox cost more than it generates in income?

Having spent many years supplying music systems and services to hospitality and leisure venues we are aware lots of pubs, bars and leisure venues are subscribed to a ‘Jukebox’ service, which often includes the complete sound system, as well as the music player.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

It is often the case that income generated from a Jukebox rarely covers weekly rentals for the jukebox, let alone generate a profit share for the venue or bar operator. Those days seem to have mainly disappeared. This is most likely because music technology has moved forwards and customers rarely want to pay to hear their favourite music.

And for those that do, this means music choices that are played from the Jukebox are the personal choice of a small minority of guests in the bar which means the music doesn’t necessarily please everyone. Did you know poor music choices can ruin an atmosphere for the majority of guests, as well as complimenting it for a just a few?

 Does this sound like a bar or pub that you know?

Venue operators i.e. bar owners, pub landlords and leisure managers, operating with a Jukebox, generally find themselves in no-win situations. Often sound systems are ‘tied’ into their Jukebox rentals, which means if they cancel contracts with the Jukebox suppliers they will need to make capital investments in new sound systems which often leaves them feeling ‘held to ransom’ by the Jukebox supplier.

 So what is the alternative?

The good news is there are alternative, cost effective solutions for playing licensed music in commercial premises. Using modern technology it is possible to have standalone or internet connected music players that provide access to licensed music libraries offering access to millions of music tracks and hundreds of curated music playlists, for just a small rental fee.

The great news is these music players can be accessed via portable devices i.e. smartphones and tablets to provide complete control for pub landlords, venue operators and leisure managers.

What about the sound system?

Often music player providers specialise in curated music only and supply only the music players whereas other providers supply a music player and music system for a weekly / monthly fee.

We like to really look after our customers which means we offer complete packaged solutions that include a music player, music system, installation and full parts and labour warranties. 

We’re already working with a number of leisure venue operators to reduce monthly costs and improve their music systems.

If you’d like to find out more about  how you can get a new sound system and access to a licensed music library of millions of music tracks which will include all your customers favourite artists, just click this link and take control of your music atmosphere today.



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