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There are hundreds of ready made playlists available to suit your business. Alter the energy level to change the pace at different times of the day


Use your mobile device or any web browser to control your music remotely. From a single site to hundreds of stores across the world. You decide what plays when.

Multiple Hardware Options

Don't want to buy a player? No problem. Use a mobile, tablet, laptop, LODE player, SONOS, QSC Q-Sys system and more.

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Multi Zone with QSC Q-Sys

Have a venue with multiple zones of music to control? We've got you covered with our advanced integration with QSC Q-Sys systems.


Schedule messages to play in between tracks at different times of the day/ Ideal for social distancing reminders and special offers. Use our professional recording artists to create your messages for you.

Playlist Import

Have playlists on other platforms? Import them to your library and assign them to your locations. Or schedule them to play at different times of the day


View what's playing, create custom mixes and schedules and assign them to one or all of your locations

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Automatically sync your music with third party streaming platforms so your customers can take your music home with them

  • Fully Licensed

    We're a registered provider with PPL and PRS, so your money pays the artists and composers who deserve it.

    Using Spotify in your stores? You should speak with us.....

  • Advanced Features

    Import playlists from 3rd party streaming platforms, scheduling tools, custom mixes, messaging functions. Need more? We have more, read on

  • We've got your back

    Experienced support staff who know their 3.5mm jacks from their RJ45s. Ready to help you in case you need it

Latest News

....and opinions, facts plus random thoughts thrown in for good measure

What are the simple steps to playing music legally in my business?

By Ian Graham | January 7, 2020

There are three simple steps to getting your playlist legalised for your business. Perfect Octave is a leading provider of premium, licenced music playlists for business.

Who is responsible for the Music Licence in a business?

By Peter Sheppard | December 27, 2019

The owner of a building or establishment is responsible for ensuring proper licences are in place for each song, music track played on their premises. Business owners are also liable for any infringement of copyrighted music.

What types of businesses do music licensing rules apply to??

By Ian Graham | December 18, 2019

This list is by no means exhaustive but gives an insight in the most common types of business playing background music that require music licences.

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