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Music for Business

Let’s set the record straight…..

Did you know, if you play music from the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Deezer in your business, you’re in breach of their terms and conditions?

We can fix that

Background Music – Licensed for your business

In partnership with SoundMachine, we can provide you with a flexible, licensed music solution to fit your needs


Over 30 Million Tracks

So you can always find what you like

Over 300 Stations – Ready to go

Hand picked by music experts. Select as many as you like that fit with your brand

Custom Schedules

Choose the right style of music to change automatically through the day

Make your own mix

Eclectic taste? Create your own mix quickly and easily

Play it your way

Playback is supported by the following devices

Dedicated hardware player

Don’t want the chance of a phone call interrupting playback? Have multiple stores and want a reliable solution? Choose our dedicated player. Connected to the internet, all scheduling can be done remotely. Purchase and rental options are available.


Direct integration with Sonos means you can sign up to our service and playback straight to your Sonos devices. No other hardware necessary!

Mac / PC

Use any device with a web browser to play your stations. Also allows full schedule editing and the ability to make your own stations

iOS app

A dedicated app ensures the best experience possible on any iOS device.

And that’s not all…


Select the tempo that suits your needs on certain station mixes.

Prefer mellow soul but upbeat Bossa Nova? Just set and forget!


Build custom stations by picking several and simply select how much of that station you want to play. 

30% funk with 20% rock and 50% EDM? If that’s what works for you!


Have visibility and control over all your locations. Create a master playlist and let your stores inject however much personality in as you see fit!


Incorporate promotional
messages to come
through at exact times or
precise intervals. We can
even create them for

Want to play? Have a Free Trial…

Let’s go!