SoundMachine Latest Station Guide – Aug 19

If you didn’t know already SoundMachine for Business offers some of the best features for business users looking to provide high-quality licensed music in their premises.

Infinite Content

SoundMachine for business offers the best music for business with both algorithmically generated and human curated stations. This means the best stations with the best content quality.

Custom Stations

Easily create an artist based station by simply entering an artist name or song and SoundMachine take’s care of the rest. Make your sound as unique as your business is.

You can download a list of our latest station guide here.


Access an array of complementary genres to adjust to your brand image. Mix different stations to create the perfect sound for your business.

Curated Playlists

When you have no idea what to play, we will create a special mix just for your business. Our expert team of curators will do this job for you.

(We recently created a unique playlist for an exclusive club – find out more here).

Day Parting

With SoundMachine for business you can Schedule your mix or station and set the correct mood throughout the day.

Message Playback

You can incorporate promotional messages to play at exact times or precise intervals. We can even create them for you.

Multiple Users

With SoundMachine for business we provide top-down content management: link an unlimited number of users to your account and manage their music content and promotional messages.

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