Perfect Octave in Hotelier & Hospitality Design Magazine


Perfect Octave featured recently in Hotelier & Hospitality Magazine, offering thoughts and ideas behind the best practice in meeting room and huddle space AV design. Meeting Rooms are used by paying guests and prospective new guests attending for the day, so it’s critical experiences from beginning to end are fluid and successful for their needs.

Technical Director for Perfect Octave, Peter Sheppard offered his insight on user experience:

“Too often technology is used inappropriately and not implemented properly. If a guest using a meeting room for the first time has to spend 10 minutes downloading apps and finding wi-fi passwords just to connect to a screen, that’s not a good experience for them and will reflect poorly on the venue, especially if there is no-one on hand to help them”.

“We think about the user first and work backwards, eliminating as many steps as possible for them to get their meetings running as soon as possible without any technical help. Clever design and automation is how we do it.”

You can read the full article in Hotelier & Hospitality magazine here

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