Right Volume, Right Music


When considering Music for Business, it is important to understand that people, customers, and clients are affected differently by different music in different spaces. It is also just as important to understand the right volume for the right space is also a crucial consideration. If music is too loud it can hurt customers’ ears and make conversation difficult. Volume levels in a restaurant, as an example, should be lower than in a shopping centre, as customers expect different volume levels in different spaces.

It is also necessary to understand low-pitched sounds are great for creating ambient atmosphere whilst high pitched sounds can add energy and vibrance, which may be more suitable in certain environments than others. It is therefore important to make sure your business is playing music appropriate for your business.


In corporate environments, including offices, boardrooms and large public buildings, it may be more appropriate to  ensure music selections include lots of calming, serene background music choices that blend with the environments, helping to move people around workplaces with a subtle spring in their steps. Equally in staff break-out zones it might be more appropriate to ensure music choices adopt more energy.

Hotels & Hospitality

It is essential in restaurants, cafés and bars for music levels to be set to encourage visitors to stay and enjoy their food and drink whilst music choices must also reflect brand identities and customer demographics. 


Music for Business in leisure venues has to be flexible and adapt to changing times of day. We call this day-parting and will always programme music according to peak times and footfall. Bowling Alleys and Gyms require vibrant energetic music, to help people move with intention and purpose, which helps them leave feeling like they’ve had a good workout and wanting to return.


It is crucial for music in retail businesses to reflect a brand and its customers. The pace of  music played in-store also affects the amount of time customers spend in-store. In supermarkets research shows that slower-paced music encourages customers to browse aisles at a more leisurely pace whilst faster music encourages less time in-store.

It has also been researched that familiarity with music affects time spent in-store, with unfamiliar music attracting less attention, causing customers to spend more time in-store.

In Summary:

The right music at the right volume, essential in determining customer or staff behaviours, can affect the performance of your company or business.

Perfect Octave has more than thirty years experience in providing music in Corporate, Hospitality, Hotels, Leisure and Retail environments and can help you make the right music choices for your business.