Holland & Holland – An Exclusive Mix

Perfect Octave recently provided Holland & Holland, exclusive London based shooting school, with a bespoke music mix playlist for their installed background music system, at very short notice. Established in 1835, Holland & Holland are world-renowned gunmakers, shooting school and creators of the finest English countryside clothing.

Director of Shooting Grounds and VIP services at Holland & Holland, Nicolas Ollivier, contacted Perfect Octave to ask us to provide a music mix to meet the demographics of the clientele at the exclusive shooting club.

Perfect Octave’s music software, installed on a Lode player, by specialist AV provider Pro-AV, was accessed by our music experts out of office hours and we were able style a unique music playlist specifically for Holland & Holland and install it remotely.

Nicolas Ollivier comments, ‘You have personally delivered a great service by making yourself¬†available and committed to our satisfaction’.

Technical Director for Perfect Octave, Peter Sheppard, adds, ‘it is a pleasure to be able to work alongside AV providers, in this case Pro-AV, to provide a pleasing result for the client, Holland & Holland, as ultimately our goal is for the users of our music systems to be delighted’.


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