Thank you

It’s been a long and hard 4 months, for nearly every business.

We’ve seen first hand the effect that lock-down imposed on various sectors. As stores, hotels and bars closed their doors under government orders, the music switched off as the shutters came down. 

With the unknown ahead of us, we actively assisted our customers by pausing music supply contracts, delaying outstanding charges and later, planning new music schedules ahead of re-openings.

Now, as our ‘new normal’ is here and sites are re-opening, we wish to thank and wish best of luck to our customers and partners for helping us all get through these testing times. 

As guests, consumers and employees all return, it’s important more now than ever that a welcoming environment can put a person in the right frame of mind for their visit or shift. Music is and will always be one of the most effective ways to create that environment. So for our existing customers, check out some of the new channels that have been made available during our time away.

For those who don’t work with us yet, get in touch and see how we can help.