We’re bridging the gap between consumer and B2B music platforms

Music is changing and the way of listening to music as technology develops has changed dramatically. The shift from CD/Vinyl to playlists means music curators are increasingly important too.

What does this mean for businesses wishing to play music?

In business, the main responsibility of music curators is to find the songs that reflect the image of the company that will be using them as a way to strengthen their brand.

Companies looking to improve how their brand reaches customers regularly use third party curators to create the right playlists that best communicate the values of their brand when playing at their bricks-and-mortar stores.

This is increasingly common in the UK with retail, hospitality and leisure chains using curated playlists to enhance their brand.

Can businesses use personal playlists legally for business use?

Perfect-Octave---Music-for-Business-Playlists-ImageMusic curators often use services like Apple Music and Spotify to create and manage playlists but these services are for personal use, they are not licenced and, as a result, cannot be legally used in a business.

For businesses to reproduce personal playlists legally and avoid substantial fines, must then use a platform licensed specifically for business.

We’re bridging the gap

Our Music for Business service aims to act as the bridge between consumer and B2B music platforms.

The most recent update to our software allows us to leverage a new playlist import feature to import playlists that have been created using services like Spotify directly.

Our music for business software includes all the necessary licences for this music to be legally played within a commercial environment.

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e-book-mockup-noshadowOur recently launched eBook: The only guide you will ever need to Playing Music in your Business contains everything you need to know to understand playing music legally in your business.



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