3 Signs it may be time to change your Music Provider

We know that renewing your contract with your music supplier or changing to a new music provider may not be your top priority in your busy schedule, however we thought we’d highlight three clear signs it may be time to meet the challenge head on and make a change.

Old Technology

If there is one area where technology moves fast, it is in the provision of music and how we consume it. Okay we still listen with our ears, that hasn’t changed, but technology as far as music is consumed has changed enormously in just the last 20 years.

Technology has moved from vinyl to CD to MP3 to downloadable playlists.

In a lot of cases, some music providers have not kept customers up to date with technology. Consequently technology in-situ is outdated and may not working or is even unused.

Does this sound like you?

Evergreen Contracts

When is your music contact due for renewal?

Are you aware of your contract renewal date or is it tied up in an evergreen contract that just automatically renews?

evergreen contract a legal agreement that will automatically start again unless one of the people or businesses involved officially ends it:

A problem with evergreen contracts for music providers and customers of music providers is that nobody really pays any attention to the renewal process and over time this leads to;

  • overcharging for what becomes outdated services / technology
  • poor service (see our article is your supplier too big to care)
  • poor reliability leading to inflated service charges
  • outdated technology

Are you currently in an evergreen contract?

Are your playlists updated regularly?

We know it sounds obvious, after all we all are familiar with playlists on our phones or portable devices, but does this apply to your company’s music system.

Are your playlists updated regularly with new playlists or even topical ones i.e. last night’s Grammy Award winning tracks, or similar?

Or even something as simple as updating your playlist with Ed Sheeran’s, Billy Eilish’s or Stormzy’s (no scrub that, too much profanity) latest track?

We know lots of music providers cannot update playlists regularly for customers because the technology does not allow a regular playlist update.

Does this sound like your system?

How does your current Music Provider fare?

Are you tied into an evergreen contract, is your music technology old and can playlists not be updated regularly?

If the answer is yes to any of these it may be time to consider looking at your contract with your existing supplier.

Better still, talk to us and we’ll help you navigate your way through it.


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