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Bars and restaurants are facing their hardest time ever. Maximise footfall and keep spirits uplifted wherever possible, our technology can help with that


Motivating music

Music has been proven to have direct influence over customers and punters. Affecting mood, purchasing habits and dwell times. It's so important to get the right music at the right time to maximise the overall experience.

This is particularly important in pubs and bars where the music can make or break a visitors time there. Jukeboxes are increasingly being removed from bars as they bring in less revenue and restrict the music choice to a select few who use them. Our music mixes, automatically scheduled throughout the evening, can increase the energy in the music at the appropriate times, ensuring guests don't feel the need to move on elsewhere as the night progresses.

Have a big party suddenly come in? Need to change from the programmed schedule? Just use the app to change station or alter the energy slider of what's currently playing to adapt to the evening as it plays out.


Our music services will match your traffic levels, creating energy or a relaxed ambience, just as you need it – motivating employees, engaging customers and keeping them coming back.

Have your own playlists setup? Import them to your library, mix them and schedule them to play when you want, how you want. Control everything from the app or web interface to keep on top of the energy, without the need for a DJ


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  • Fully Licensed

    We're a registered provider with PPL and PRS, so your money pays the artists and composers who deserve it.

    Using Spotify in your stores? You should speak with us.....

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    Import playlists from 3rd party streaming platforms, scheduling tools, custom mixes, messaging functions. Need more? We have more, read on

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    Experienced support staff who know their 3.5mm jacks from their RJ45s. Ready to help you in case you need it


The transition from our incumbent licensed music provider to Perfect Octave’s music systems was the most painless process. We are now in control of our budget and the  music is always on.

This allows our managers to concentrate on delivering the correct ambience and service in-store to our customers and our IT team can focus on their priorities too.

Robert Brown

Le Pain Quotidien


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