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Chilled out coffee house by day, rocking bar by the evening or ten-pin bowling alley by night, our curated music playlists provide energy and sound levels that are right for you and your customers.


Curated for your venue

Our technology allows the music to hit the right tone and energy for your venue, with minimal effort.

By using the scheduling tools built in to the web app, you can create energy or relaxed ambience however you need it, when you need it, where you need it.

Our playlists are scanned for lyrical content too, so if there's young kids at your venue, you won't need to worry about complaints from parents.

Advanced Integration

Our music for business services keep staff moving, draw in customers and keep them returning for more.

What's more, our sister company AVXI can deliver the best audio, visual and lighting system required for your venue, ensuring your music is delivered in the best way possible.

Light scene changes, video content switching and adapting audio levels and EQ automatically through the day or at the press of a button are all possible. 


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  • Fully Licensed

    We're a registered provider with PPL and PRS, so your money pays the artists and composers who deserve it.

    Using Spotify in your stores? You should speak with us.....

  • Advanced Features

    Import playlists from 3rd party streaming platforms, scheduling tools, custom mixes, messaging functions. Need more? We have more, read on

  • We've got your back

    Experienced support staff who know their 3.5mm jacks from their RJ45s. Ready to help you in case you need it


The transition from our incumbent licensed music provider to Perfect Octave’s music systems was the most painless process. We are now in control of our budget and the  music is always on.

This allows our managers to concentrate on delivering the correct ambience and service in-store to our customers and our IT team can focus on their priorities too.

Robert Brown

Le Pain Quotidien


Latest News

....and opinions, facts plus random thoughts thrown in for good measure

Anti-Social Behaviour reduces with Classical Music

By Nick Spalding | January 29, 2020

It is commonly known that a restaurant’s ambience affects diners’ behaviour and can even affect how diners taste their food. It has also been reported anti-social behaviour can be reduced by playing classical music in restaurants.

9 Don’ts and Do’s for Music in Restaurants / Restaurant Chains

By Ian Graham | January 22, 2020

In this blog article we have put together some simple don’ts and do’s for restaurants and restaurant chains that can be the difference between having a successful background music policy and not. We’ve listed Don’ts first as we always like to finish on a positive vibe and energy.

7 Signs your Background Music Strategy may be Wrong

By Nick Spalding | January 15, 2020

1: Your in-store music system spends more time ‘not working’ than it does working For whatever reason you keep meaning to call in the music provider but never get round to it, or you have called them but are waiting for them to arrive and fix it.