Making music work for your business

Using music in your business shouldn't be complicated. So we make sure it's not


Simply sign up to our monthly service and choose the player that suits your needs, we have a few you can choose from!


Connect the player to your amplifier. Haven't got an amplifier? Our sister company AVXI can sort that.


Choose your stations, set your mixes, arrange your schedules and play!

Works with existing hardware

Laptops, mobile devices, SONOS, LODE, QSC Q-Sys to name a few. If you don't have something spare, we can provide a dedicated box.


Control your music remotely

Using an app or web browser. Control one or hundreds of locations, wherever you are.


Share your brand playlists

Sync your playlists with 3rd party streaming platforms to let your customers take your brand with them.


Import existing playlists

Have playlists you really like in Spotify or another platform? Great! We'll get those ingested in to your library and you can play them, legally!


But I pay PRS and I play Spotify. Why do I need this?

It's a common misunderstanding that if you pay site fees, you can play whatever you like. But that's not the case. Download our free e-book below for more information.


Free Ebook Guide

Download our free ebook guide ‘The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To Playing Music in your Business’.

A few of our customers

The transition from our incumbent licensed music provider to Perfect Octave’s music systems was the most painless process. We are now in control of our budget and the  music is always on.

This allows our managers to concentrate on delivering the correct ambience and service in-store to our customers and our IT team can focus on their priorities too.

Robert Brown

Le Pain Quotidien


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350+ Playlists

Create custom mixes

Import playlists

Schedule your music

Fully licensed

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