Phantom Service Calls –  How much are they costing your business?


Does your business suffer from ‘Phantom’ Service calls?

Phantom service calls for business music systems are when an engineer is called out to a venue, hotel or retail store to resolve ‘issues’, typically ‘no-music’ issues with the installed background music system. Then the engineer  arrives, ‘fixes’ the problem almost immediately and subsequently charges for a service call. 

You know the type of thing, your manager forgets to turn the volume control up, or even turn on the background music system amplifier, or the cleaning teams unwittingly unplug systems to plug in vacuum cleaners, forgetting to plug the background music system back in when they have finished, or a member of staff unplugs the in-store music system so they can charge a mobile device.

This process is potentially costing businesses, your business, thousands of pounds per annum, in unnecessary service calls charges.

These are just some examples that we classify as ‘Phantom’ service calls.

Having analysed years of customer call out data we discovered in 85% of ‘no music’ service call out scenarios, the reason for the service call ends up being diagnosed as ‘phantom’.

Organisations currently spend thousands of pounds per annum on ‘phantom’ service calls as most licensed music providers of background music systems for business are charging call-out fees for service calls that are not, in our opinion, chargeable and real service calls.

Perfect Octave customers benefit from extensive first-line customer support, over the telephone, with our friendly UK based customer support teams. Thanks to the extensive tools within our player service dashboard, in most cases we are able to resolve service issues over the telephone, avoiding unnecessary service visits and call out charges, saving our customers thousands of pounds per year. If a call-out is necessary, our engineers are equipped with accurate information of what the cause may be, meaning a first visit fix is more likely.

Talk to us today and we can help you reduce your company’s expenditure on system support charges.

Perhaps you too can join the smart money and start controlling your budget today.

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