Provide multi-zone, licensed music content to your business or clients venues, with no player hardware.

Q-Sys Cores

Not even Plug n' Play

Our music software runs directly on QSC Q-Sys systems. Allowing multi-zone scheduled playback of music licensed for business use, without any extra players, wires or networking needed.

Over 350 pre-crated music stations are ready to play, wherever you need them. Or you can build your own.

Drag & Drop Interface

Our player modules come with a pre-built interface ready to drop in to your system design. This interface can be easily customised to your needs and allows for as much or as little control as you like


Full control in no time

Using centralised processing, QSC Q-Sys can handle small to extremely large distributed audio, video and control networks. Typically when adding a background music source to these systems, a separate box is added and wired to the QSC processor.


Imagine a hotel with different music in 6 areas, that's 6 media players, input cards, wiring, network switches not to mention installation and programming time. This isn't necessary with our solution.


In fact, we can have 6 zones of independent music up and running in your system in less than 3 minutes.

Free Trial?

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Want to know more?

For a full run through of the plug-in capabilities, features and simple setup process, check out our video

  • Advanced Features

    Import playlists from 3rd party streaming platforms, scheduling tools, custom mixes, multi-site monitoring and control and much more.

  • Fully Licensed

    We're a registered provider with performing rights organisations in the UK, US and Canada and others, so your money pays the artists and composers who deserve it, whilst you stay legal.

    Using Spotify in your establishment? You should speak with us.....

  • We've got your back

    Experienced support staff who know their 3.5mm jacks from their RJ45s. Ready to help you in case you need it


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