Nick Spalding

Is your Spotify® playlist legalised for business use?

Under the standard terms and conditions of use with Spotify® and indeed most other personal music providers i.e. Apple Music®, Deezer®, SoundMachine®, and Napster® etc there are a couple of statements included in their standard terms and conditions of use, which prohibit use of their services in commercial premises, namely,

Le Pain Quotidien – Fresh Food, Great Music, a winning combination!

Fresh Food, Great Music

Le Pain Quotidien, international chain of bakery restaurants, called upon the services of licensed business music systems provider, Perfect Octave, to deliver improved music systems services, with the proviso of reducing service costs to their chain of UK restaurants.

Perfect Octave at Midwich Technology Exposed 2018

Peter-Sheppard---Midwich-Tech-Exposed-2018-Image-1Perfect Octave’s Technical Director Peter Sheppard was caught this week on camera being interviewed at the Midwich Technology Exposed 2018 event. Midwich’s annual event takes place at Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge Surrey over two days, 5th-6th September 2018 and provides a great opportunity for the Perfect octave team to catch up on the latest and emerging technologies in the audio-visual industry.