How much is your Jukebox Costing?


Does your Jukebox cost more than it generates in income?

Having spent many years supplying music systems and services to hospitality and leisure venues we are aware lots of pubs, bars and leisure venues are subscribed to a ‘Jukebox’ service, which often includes the complete sound system, as well as the music player.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Playlists: Best Music Playlists for Coffee Shops


 The 20th century Mediterranean tradition of coffee shops being a place for reunions and community is gaining momentum. Maybe it was Starbucks that popularized the craze, but without a doubt it’s been small coffee shops across the nation that have cemented it in our culture. We no longer think of coffee as a fast-paced, productive task, rather it has become an occasion for sitting down and enjoying the moment. Coffee shops are not just places to drink coffee, they are sanctuaries to relax, sip coffee, talk, work and just be. Because of this, there are two essential elements for a coffee shop: the coffee and the ambience.

Right Volume, Right Music


When considering Music for Business, it is important to understand that people, customers, and clients are affected differently by different music in different spaces. It is also just as important to understand the right volume for the right space is also a crucial consideration. If music is too loud it can hurt customers’ ears and make conversation difficult. Volume levels in a restaurant, as an example, should be lower than in a shopping centre, as customers expect different volume levels in different spaces.

Perfect Octave in Hotelier & Hospitality Design Magazine


Perfect Octave featured recently in Hotelier & Hospitality Magazine, offering thoughts and ideas behind the best practice in meeting room and huddle space AV design. Meeting Rooms are used by paying guests and prospective new guests attending for the day, so it’s critical experiences from beginning to end are fluid and successful for their needs.

Perfect Octave at Midwich Technology Exposed 2018

Peter-Sheppard---Midwich-Tech-Exposed-2018-Image-1Perfect Octave’s Technical Director Peter Sheppard was caught this week on camera being interviewed at the Midwich Technology Exposed 2018 event. Midwich’s annual event takes place at Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge Surrey over two days, 5th-6th September 2018 and provides a great opportunity for the Perfect octave team to catch up on the latest and emerging technologies in the audio-visual industry.